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RM900 TS Router

RM900 series products are IP based transport stream router. It supports up to 256 input streams, 256 output streams. The router supports smooth and seamless switching, from any input stream to any output stream. For the IP head end, it is the ideal replacer of SDI-router, which is for the traditional head end. And IP based router is ever more powerful than SDI-router.

Key Features:

l  Network Interface: Gigabit port x 2 , can be extended to maximum 6 Gigabit ports

l Support pass-through when power off, with extended network card

l  Support 256 input stream and 256 output stream in 1U unit

l  IP input Protocol: TS over UDP/TS over HTTP/FLV over RTMP

l  IP output Protocol: TS over UDP/TS over HTTP/FLV over RTMP

l  Support MPGE2/H.264 video format

l  May extend to support other more protocols and formats

l  Each output has three input options: Main/Backup/Backup2. Automatically and smoothly switching between these input streams.

l  Input stream status monitor: Bitrate and GOP counter

l  Output stream status monitor: Bitrate and GOP counter

l  Stream switching mode:  Manual or Automatic

l  Fully seamless switch based on GOP.

l  PCR、PTS and continuity counter are kept seamless during switching

l  PID remapping supported, may keep PID unchanged after switch to another stream

l  Switching schedule list supported

l  Low delay: one GOP time

l  Support 1+1 device backup, stream output address can be kept unchanged after switch to the backup device

l  Support N+M backup

l  Support Web or SNMP management


l  IP based DVB head end

l  IPTV head end

l  OTT head end

l  Others


Input / Output Interface


Gigabit ports x 2 , may be extended to maximum 6 Gigabit ports

TS format




 More Protocols may be extended

   Video Format


More Formats may be extended

Control and Management

Remote Management

Web interface, SNMP

Software Upgrade

Upgrade via Web



1RU (19’’ rack), (W×D×H) 482×680×44mm


100~240V,  Max 300W



Operating Temp.

0°C - +50°C


5 - 95%

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